Digitization to Lead Future Industry | NPC Deputy

Digitization to Lead Future Industry | NPC Deputy

日期:2023年02月19日 来源:重庆国际传播中心

Chongqing - In the past few days, Chen Wei, a deputy to the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the co-founder of SocialCredits, conducted research on industrial digital transformation through visits, symposiums, and exchanges.


Chen Wei is a newly elected deputy to the National People’s Congress this year and also the co-founder of SocialCredits, a leading Chinese company in big data and information technology. (Photo/He Saige, Visual Chongqing)


SocialCredits develops efficient digital technology products focusing on big data and intelligent industries to promote the working efficiency of their clients, mainly financial institutions, governments, and small and medium-sized enterprises.


As an NPC deputy this year, she focuses on data intelligence to promote the construction of a modern economic system centered on the digital economy. She is preparing to submit a motion about industrial digitization in the annual Two Sessions to be held in March.


Rooted in the field of the digital economy for over eight years, from a founding team of three people, Chen’s startup company has gradually developed into a high-tech enterprise with more than 200 professionals, over 200 intellectual property rights, and 63 invention patents in industrial digitization.


She said that the current stage of economic development has shifted from the input of traditional production factors to the multiplier effect brought by technological innovation, which can refine management affairs and extend the administrators’ attention to the fields they were not able to reach before. Her company has completed many digital upgrades for institutions, local governments, and enterprises. 


Talking about building the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle, Chen believed that data resources are the core element linking innovation, capital, policy, and talent, which will contribute to regional development by achieving a higher level of information integration. 


By saying that, she suggested that the government should also pay attention to digital and intelligent means to strengthen the ability of regional industry analysis, creating a technology-based enterprise cultivation environment.


“As a new deputy to the NPC, I feel a great responsibility and a glorious mission,” she said.


In addition to industrial digitization, Chen is also interested in employing college students and improving elderly life. She will bring up relevant motions on those topics as well.