Focusing on Youth Mental Health and Protecting Children's Growth | NPC Deputy

Focusing on Youth Mental Health and Protecting Children's Growth | NPC Deputy

日期:2023年03月07日 来源:重庆国际传播中心

Chongqing - As a deputy to the National People's Congress (NPC) for three consecutive terms, Li Qiu, dean of the Children's Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, submitted nearly ten motions each year. 


From pediatric care and old-age security to public health and medical insurance, Li submitted a series of motions and continued to voice the people's livelihood. 


Li Qiu, deputy to the National People's Congress and dean of Children's Hospital of Chongqing Medical University. (Photo/Zhang Deng)


As early as 2018, Li proposed building a pediatric medical center in western China so every child could enjoy the same medical services. This suggestion, after many efforts, was finally realized. 


In 2020, the hospital where Li worked was approved as a National Children's Regional Medical Center, further bringing convenient conditions for children's health. 


"We must explore the potential of pediatric resources in western China to improve the imbalance of regional pediatric medicine," she said. 

This year, Li still focuses on the pediatric field, and she will make suggestions on adolescents' physical and mental health. 


"Anxiety, depression, and other psychological problems affect adolescents' healthy growth," said Li. "This should also arouse great attention among relevant departments."


Li hopes that mental health education will be deepened throughout the whole process of youth learning and growth. 


She also suggested taking advantage of pediatric hospitals to set up specialized wards for adolescent psychological diseases so adolescents' lives can return to normal through timely detection, diagnosis, and treatment.